Billy Gilman to Release Pop Version and VIDEO of “SAY YOU WILL”

Just months after releasing a viral video in which he told his fans that he was gay, multi-platinum country artist Billy Gilman is coming out with more surprising news—he is going to release a pop version of his hit Say You Will.

“I feel like I was totally not accepted when I returned to Music Row a couple years ago with new music,” admits Gilman, now 25.  “It wasn’t that the Nashville labels didn’t like my music—it was that not one of them even wanted to sit down and listen to it.  After selling 5 million records as a young Country artist and returning to Nashville at the age of 22 with new music, not one label even accepted the invitation to attend my showcase.”

“There were always whispers and speculation about my sexuality,” said Gilman.  “Let’s just be honest—country music is slowly coming around to being more accepting, but it will probably be many more years until an openly gay male artist even has a chance to top the charts.  It’s sad, but it’s true and I also can’t wait for that day to arrive.”

Gilman is releasing a BRAND new video today on youtube for his single, Say You Will.  “My music has naturally progressed in more of a pop direction over the last several years,” he says.  “I believe in this song and this video more than anything I have ever done and I can’t wait for my fans—even my country fans—to hear it and see it.”

Gilman admits that he is charting untested waters.  “All I know about the music business I learned in Nashville,” he says.  “That is where my contacts and my friends are.  But I’ve also come to realize the growing number of fans that are lovers of all genres. I’ve been gifted with a God given talent where I can spread my vocal wings and sing all types of music.  It’s a risk, but I owe it to myself and to my fans to be true to who I am and let the music in my soul come out—whatever genre it happens to be.”

Download Billy’s new single here