Chances are, if you’re familiar with Billy Gilman, you automatically think of an adorable big-voiced kid who was all over shows like Oprah and Rosie back in the early-2000′s. However, if those are your only preconceptions, I’d kindly ask you to wipe them from your mind and meet the grown up Billy Gilman, a big-voiced adult with so much genuine passion for his craft that it’s contagious and refreshing.

While it may seem that Gilman has been MIA for much of the last decade, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Rhode Island native has simply been making himself a better artist, spending time in Nashville to hone his skills as a songwriter and a producer. He’s also been actively involved with a wide variety of charities and philanthropic world, making the world better in his own unique way. However, just recently, Gilman released his first solo single in years, a romantic ballad called “Say You Will” that may be best likened to Rascal Flatts or Dan + Shay.

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